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Welcome to the Northern California Family Dog Rescue website! 

We are dedicated to caring for our family-friendly dogs and ultimately finding
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Introducing: The Bakersfield Six


On Tuesday, April 8th, we faced a hard decision at Family Dog Rescue. We had already committed to taking three of the "Bakersfield Junkyard Dogs." The transport arrived with six of the dogs, and though the other three had a temporary place to go, there was not a concrete long-term plan for them. 

After laying eyes on all six dogs, it was totally clear that we needed to step up to take all of them -- immediately. The dogs are in poor condition but have bright, loving spirits. Five of the dogs are young puppies, 4-5 months old, all from the same litter. The sixth dog is a young pit mix around 10 months old. They are all sweet as can be, but terribly undersocialized and not in strong health.

The conditions these pups were living in were cruel
and heartbreaking

 We are stretching to help these six dogs. But we are doing this because we are uniquely positioned to help get these dogs to physical and psychological health. We have the resources, the passion, the vision, and the grit to make this happen.

Shortly after they came to us, we received this note from the caring neighbor who advertised the plight of these dogs. It said: "Thank you to everyone! I can't say thank you enough! I owe you so BIG! So glad not to hear babies crying over there for me to bring food or being yelled at in curse words for just being pups. No more babies at risk of being attacked in that yard. Safe. Clean. Happy. I sure hope someone will love them like they deserve. No more nursing a sick weak baby or treating a nasty painful wound or providing comforting pets and hugs to the... lost souls who never felt love until they got to spent a few nights here." Just another confirmation that saving all of these dogs is what we were meant to do!

If you are interested in supporting The Bakersfield Six, you can donate to their care HERE. And if you live in the San Francisco area and are interested in fostering or adopting one of these sweet pups please fill out the appropriate application! Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for updates!


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Can you spare $1 a day to save homeless dogs? Well then how about joining Family Dog Rescue's 365 Club, a simple way to help support our cause! All it takes is $1 a day to help keep our shelter operating all year long. Membership to the 365 Club includes special gifts, invites to 365 Club events, and more! Donations can be made in one lump sum (via paypal) or in monthly reoccurring payments. We can't wait to welcome you into the club!
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